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Standards New Zealand is New Zealand’s leading developer of standards and standards-based solutions. 

We help provide standards solutions in diverse subject areas such as health and disability, environmental management, legal risk, information technology, sport and recreation, and fertility services to name a few.

Standards help make life safer and easier. They improve the effectiveness and reliability of many goods and services used every day.

Latest news

New standard for hand signals used with cranes

A set of universal hand signals has been published. The set is for adoption wherever lifting operations take place in building or construction and will make those operations safer and more efficient.

ISO 14046 - Water footprint

ISO 14046:2014

A new international standard will allow organisations to measure their 'water footprint'.

Purchase ISO 14046:2014 Environmental management - Water footprint - Principles, requirements, and guidelines
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See our work programme

The programme is a list of New Zealand and joint standards that are in development